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Bridge crane motor abnormal noise

Nov 14, 2019
When the bridge crane AC asynchronous motor is running, if there is a thin sound, and there is no change, it is a normal sound. If the sound is thick and sharp, there may be a harbinger of failure:
1. Loose core
The vibration and temperature changes of the bridge crane motor during operation will deform the iron core fixing bolt, causing the silicon steel sheet to loosen and generate large electromagnetic noise.
2. Rotor noise
The sound emitted by the rotation of the rotor is a kind of sound generated by the cooling fan. If there is a sound like a drum, this is caused by the loosening of the rotor core of the motor and the shaft. which is caused by bridge crane sudden start, stop, reverse brake, etc.
3. Bearing noise
When the motor is in operation, it must pay attention to the sound of the bearing, such as the "creak" sound, which is caused by the irregular movement of the gun inside the bearing. It is related to the clearance of the bearing and the state of the grease; and the "hiss" sound is the metal friction sound, it is caused by lack of oil in the bearing, and the bearing should be disassembled to add grease.
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