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Bridge overhead crane parking protection device

Sep 19, 2019
1. All kinds of switches have good contact, reliable operation and convenient operation. In an emergency, the power can be cut off quickly.The ground-operated electric hoist button box should also be equipped with a stop switch).
2. The bridge overhead crane and its trolley running mechanism, the end of the rail terminal column, should be installed with a buffer.
3. All types of buffers should be installed firmly. If the rubber buffer, the thickness of trolley buffer is 50-60mm, and the crane buffer is 100-200mm; if using the hard wood blocks, the surface of the wooden block should be equipped with rubber.
4. The track end stop should be able to withstand the impact of the crane at full load. For bridge overhead cranes of 50t and above, overload limiters should be installed.
5. Zero protection of bridge overhead cranes should be in good condition.
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