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Classification of explosion proof bridge cranes

Dec 09, 2019
According to the regulations of GB38366.1-2000, they are classified into Class I and II electrical equipment according to the explosive gas environment; according to the regulations of GB12476.1-2000, the electrical equipment for combustible dust environment is only Class I, and the corresponding explosion-proof bridge cranes are divided into three categories.
Class I: Coal mine explosion-proof bridge cranes;
Class II: Cranes for other explosive gas environments except coal mines;
Dust crane: Crane for flammable dust environment.
Among them, the explosion-proof type "d" and the intrinsically safe type "i" in type II cranes for explosive gas environments are classified into IIA, IIB, and IIC cranes according to the characteristics of explosive gases in Appendix B of GB3836.1-2000. However, when acetylene is contained in the IIC environment, it must be specified in the order contract.
Combustible dust environment explosion-proof bridge cranes are divided into two types, A and B, according to the ability of electrical equipment to prevent dust. Among them, type B adds the "thermal cycle test" requirement on the basis of type A, which is expressed by DIPA and DIPB.
explosion proof bridge crane