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Classification of lifting machinery

Feb 15, 2020
The classification of lifting machinery
1. Light and small lifting equipment
Light and small lifting equipment can be divided into: jacks, tackles (also called lifting tackles, lifting pulley sets), hoists, winches, various forklifts, etc.
2. Crane machine
Crane machines can be divided into: bridge frame cranes, boom cranes, and cable cranes.
* The bridge frame cranes mainly include: single girder crane, double girder crane, overhead crane (also called bridge crane, eot crane), ganry crane, semi gantry crane;
* The boom cranes mainly include: portal crane and semi-gate crane, tower crane, mobile crane, railway crane, mast crane, cantilever crane, etc.
* The boom cranes commonly used in construction and installation projects are: tower cranes, mobile cranes, mast cranes.
double girder overhead crane