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Crane machine static load

Apr 16, 2020
When the crane machine is in a stationary state or a stable operation state, the crane is only subjected to the static load of the dead weight load and the lifting load.
1. Weight load
It includes the gravity of the crane machine metal structure, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and the spreaders and materials attached to the crane (except the gravity of the lifting load). The method of action of the load can be considered separately. In general, the load of mechanical equipment and electrical equipment is regarded as a concentrated load;
2. Lifting load
This refers to the gravity of all lifting objects, including the weights allowed to be lifted, spreader devices (such as pulley blocks, hooks, lifting beams, grabs, containers, lifting electromagnets, etc.), suspension windings, and other gravity.
The weight of hoisting ropes with a lifting height of less than 50 m can be disregarded.
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