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Damage of electric bridge crane rail gnawing

Nov 27, 2018
The electric bridge crane rail gnawing mainly refers to the wheel rim of crane or trolley of the running mechanism is in contact with the side of the track in the running process, generating horizontal lateral force, causing severe friction, resulting in rapid wear and deformation of the rim. At the same time, the side of the track also produces severe wear, the slightly sloping rails cause obvious signs of wear on the sides of the rim and track; severe spurs cause the rim and the side of the track to peel off or deform outward.
1. Reduce the service life of the wheel
2. Damage the track and wheels
3. Increased the running load
4. Damage on rail press plate
Due to the ramp of the electric bridge crane wheels, horizontal lateral force is inevitably generated. This lateral force causes the rail to be laterally displaced, causing the bolt of the fixed rail to loosen and the pressure plate to fall off, causing the rail to bend inward or outward, which makes the rail gnawing more serious, causes the entire electric bridge crane to produce great vibration during operation.
Single girder bridge crane
single girder bridge crane

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double girder bridge crane