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Double Gantry Overhead Crane Trolley Deliver to Chile

Feb 21, 2017
February, 21th, 2017, One set of Double Gantry Overhead Crane Trolley has been finished, and will deliver to Chile, San Antonio Port.

The user has a Double Gantry Overhead Crane in local for about 3 years, and its lifting trolley has something wrong, and the rolling drum is totally damaged, the motor also need be replaced, and other. So, we suggest directly replace a new electric trolley.

The electric trolley is the most important parts of the Double Gantry Overhead Crane, if the electric trolley has anything wrong, the Double Gantry Overhead Crane will not work any more. We suggest everyone who has uses the overhead crane, please must pay attention to the trolley or hoist maintenance, timely find the fault and slove it.

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