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Double hooks overhead crane design

Dec 27, 2017
Double hooks overhead crane is one kind of heavy-duty crane, widely used in plants, warehouses, materials stocks to load, unload, lift goods or materials, also can be used for transfer, assembly, check and repair at mechanic processing workshop, metallurgical mills subsidiary workshop, goods yard and power station.

1. Standard Capacity: 5, 10, 16/3.2, 20/5, 32/5, 50/10, 75/20, 100/20, 100/30 tons, 125/30, 150/30, 160/32, 200/50, 400/80, 560/250 tons
2. Welding by machine hand, lower dead weight, high degree rigidity
3. Wheels, wire rope drum, gears, couplings are manufactured by our CNC machine center, high quality control
4. Nanjing special motor is top quality in China
5. Siemens,  Schneider, CHINT as main electric system
6. Explosion-resistant type is available
7. Cabin can be designed as different user requirements
double hook overhead crane
double hook overhead crane