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Electric bridge crane commissioning

Dec 04, 2018
The no-load test procedure for electric bridge crane is carried out according to the following procedures and requirements:
(1) Turn the brake wheel of each mechanism by hand, ensure there is no jam when the shaft (such as the wheel axle) is rotated.
(2) Trolley walking: The empty trolley should travels three or four times along the track, the wheel should not be slippery. The starting and braking should be normal and reliable, and the action of the limit switch is accurate. The position of the bumper on the trolley and the striker on the bridge are accurate.
(3) Empty load hook lifting: press the remote controller to make the empty hook rise and fall three times, and the action should be accurate and reliable.
(4) Drive the electric hoist trolley to the middle of the bridge beam, and the electric bridge crane walks twice along the entire length of the plant to verify the frame and track, and to check the working quality of the walking mechanism. The wheel should not slip when starting or braking, ensuring the walk is smooth and the buffer works normally.
single girder bridge crane

double girder bridge crane