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Electric bridge crane dynamic load test

Jul 25, 2019
Newly installed, overhauled, and modified electric bridge cranes should be carried out the dynamic load test.
Lift the weight of 1.1 times rated load, test the lifting, braking, and large and small vehicles according to the working cycle and the allowable power-on duration of the motor. The structure and mechanism of the crane should not be damaged and the joints should be free of looseness. The electric bridge crane dynamic load test time is not less than 1 hour. 
The dynamic load test method is: lifting the rated load of 1.1 times, checking the flexibility of the electric bridge crane mechanism and the reliability of the brake. The test of each working mechanism shall not be less than 3 times, and each time the operation is stopped, the next start can be carried out, and it is necessary to pay attention to limit the operating speed within the normal working range of the electric bridge crane. After unloading, check the mechanism and structural components for any abnormalities, such as looseness and damage. The weight limiter connection or its action value must be restored after the test.
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