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Electric bridge crane rated lifting capacity

Dec 11, 2018
Electric bridge cranes are lifting equipment that transfer materials in the workshop, warehouse and stockyard. Its two ends are located on tall concrete columns or metal brackets, like the bridges, SO named electric bridge crane, also be called overhead crane, eot crane. The bridge of electric bridge crane runs longitudinally along the rails laid on the elevated sides of the bridge, which can make full use of the space under the bridge to lift the materials without being obstructed by the ground equipment. Electric bridge crane is a kind of lifting machine with a wide range and a large number.
The rated lifting capacity, also called the rated lifting weight, refers to the amount of load when electric bridge crane actual allowable lifting load reaches the peak, in tons (t). 
The lifting weight of electric bridge crane is 5, 10 (single hook), 15/3, 20/5, 30/5, 50/10, 75/20, 100/20, 125/20, 150/30, 200/30. 250/30t (double hook) and many more. The numerator in the number is the main hook lifting weight, and the denominator is the secondary hook lifting weight. For example, a 15/3t crane means that the main hook has a rated lifting capacity of 15t and the auxiliary hook has a rated lifting capacity of 3t. 
The electric bridge crane can be divided into three grades according to the weight, 5~10t for small duty bridge cranes, 10~50t for medium duty bridge cranes, and 50t for heavy duty bridge cranes.
Single girder bridge crane
single girder bridge rane

Double girder bridge crane
double girder bridge crane