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Electric bridge crane safety device and sign

Sep 30, 2019
The lifting sling
1. The electric bridge crane slings should be stored in a number of locations and managed and maintained by special personnel. The storage point has labels for the selected specifications and corresponding loads.
2. The length of the tying wire rope is 15 times of the rope diameter and not less than 300 mm.
3. Fixtures, clamps, poles and chains shall be free from cracks, plastic deformation and excessive wear.
The rain cover and anchoring device
The clamp clamp or anchoring device of the electric bridge crane should be flexible and reliable, the electrical control part should have a rain cover. The aisle plate should have a number of drainage holes with a diameter of 50 mm.
The safety signs and fire equipment
1. The electric bridge crane should have a tonnage signboard with a rated lifting capacity at a conspicuous position.
2. The electric bridge crane driver cabin should be equipped with small dry powder fire extinguishers, which are used within the valid period and the placement position is safe and reliable.
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