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Electric bridge crane static load test method

Jul 18, 2019
The newly installed, overhauled and modified electric bridge cranes shall be subjected to static load test: lifting the heavy object with rated load, lifting 100~200mm height from the ground, then add the loading to 1.25 times the rated load, and hanging for not less than 10min. 
Then unload and check for permanent deformation of main beam. After repeated 3 times, there must be no permanent deformation. The crown of electric bridge cranes main beam is >0.7S/1000 (single beam crane ≥0.8S/1000). Inspect the electric bridge crane, make sure there is no defects such as cracks, loose joints, and structural damage that affect performance and safety.
The static load test method is as follows: park the lifting trolley in the middle of the main beam, the lifting mechanism is loaded at 1.25 times the rated load, and the test and inspection are carried out according to the inspection contents and requirements. 
The weight limiter connection or its action value must be restored after the test.
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