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Electric bridge cranes load test attention

Sep 05, 2019
1. The order of the electric bridge cranes test should be noted, it should be the no-load test, the rated load test, the static load test, then the dynamic load test. Only the previous test is acceptable, the next test can be carried out.
2. The weight of the test load must be accurate.
3. Ensure the regularity of the load and the evenness of the ground. When the lifting and landing, the pulling force of the heavy object causes the electric bridge crane to move, which affects the measurement data of the rated load test.
4. Must pay attention to the safety of the site, the site personnel should be away from the test electric brigde crane machinery.
5. The design of the building, whether it is a steel structure or a concrete building, must be able to meet the load-bearing capacity of the electric bridge crane load test.
6. Make sure to explain to the user: the test can use 1.25 times load, but overload is strictly prohibited in normal use.
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