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Electric eot crane electrical safety

Oct 24, 2018
Electric eot cranes are one of the most important lifting machinery in construction, it is powered by electrical power, to avoid electric accident, the electrical safety of electric eot cranes requires attention to the following points:
1. The electric eot cranes electrical equipment must meet the requirements of GB5144-85.
2. The electric eot cranes should be grounded several times, and grounding devices should be installed at both ends of the track.
3. The power supply cable on the electric eot crane is prohibited from mopping the ground.
4. The electric eot crane should have enough safety distance with surrounding wires, all parts wire can not be more than 10 kV, the horizontal distance should be kept above 2m.
5. If the electric eot crane need to work at night, it is necessary to install in workshop  to ensure a clear view in the working range.
6. Check the travel switch, limit device, brake, etc. before each operation to ensure that the safety protection device can work normally.
Single girder eot crane
single girder eot crane

Double girder eot crane
double girder eot crane