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Electric eot cranes antirust

Nov 09, 2018
1. It is a good method to apply oil on the rope of electric eot crane. Choosing the right oil can protect the fiber core from decay, rust-free steel wire, moisturize the fiber, and lubricate the wire rope from the inside to outside.
2. We often see some materials on the iron, coating substances on the electric eot crane are another good method, such as galvanizing, aluminizing, nylon or plastic. These are more effective in places where corrosion is more severe. For example, in fishing trawl ships and mines containing H2S, aluminized steel wire ropes are often used because aluminum wire ropes are more resistant to corrosion, wear and heat than galvanized steel wire ropes.
Single girder eot crane
single girder eot crane

Double girder eot crane
double girder eot crane