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Electric overhead crane machine

Oct 17, 2019
After the electric overhead crane arrives, check whether the technical data is complete, whether the accessories and tools are consistent with the list, whether the equipment and accessories are damaged or defective, and should make the the unpacking acceptance record.
After the installation is completed, the installation company shall carry out comprehensive self-inspection, operation test and load test. After confirming the self-inspection, the special equipment inspection agency shall be declared for installation and acceptance. Only after that, the electric overhead crane can it be put into use. 
After the acceptance is passed, the user shall file the relevant technical data such as random technical data, installation information and inspection report of the electric overhead crane. Periodic inspections, overhauls, alterations, accident records, etc. that occur during use in the future are also stored in the hoisting machinery safety technical file.
Double girder overhead crane
electric overhead crane