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Electric overhead crane safety management

Oct 08, 2019
To ensure the safe operation of the electric overhead crane, it is necessary to have a perfect management and record, improve and implement the safety management of the electric overhead crane, configure a strong professional management team, and faithfully record the safety management of the crane. 
The safety record should have the following contents:
1. Emergency rescue plan for electric overhead crane accidents;
2. The post responsibility system of the functional management department and the driver;
3. Technical procedures for safe operation;
4. Maintenance overhaul, renovation, and retirement system;
5. Daily inspection and regular inspection of maintenance and repair system;
6. Management and operation maintenance personnel training and evaluation system;
7. The operator's handover system;
8. Management system for electric overhead crane safety technology files.
Single girder overhead crane
single girder overhead crane

Double girder overhead crane
double girder overhead crane