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Electric overhead crane safety tips

May 10, 2019
Electric overhead crane accident has uncertain characteristics. Where accidents can occur not only in the non-normal operation, even under normal operating conditions may also occur. Site personnel lifting operations spread within range of being in a large metal structure of the mobile area, the ground staff is always possible heavy fall of the danger zone. Hoisting machinery maintenance & repair, disassembly, inspection, and security personnel are at risk of high places and electrocution. Use process must strictly abide by the rules to do the following:

1. The driver succession deal with brakes, hooks, ropes and safety devices to check and found that the performance is not normal. The fault should be excluded before the operation.
2. Before driving, the operator must woo bell or alarm, people close to the operation, it should give intermittent bell or alarm.
3. The operation should command signal, emergency stop signal, regardless of what people should be issued immediately.
4. Around the time when the electric overhead crane is recognized when no one can close the main power source, such as a lock or signs on the power disconnect device or shall be removed before the person concerned after closing the main power supply.
5. Before closing the main power supply, the operator should make all draw handle in the zero position.
6. When the work of a sudden power failure, all control levers should be zero, before re-work, you should check whether the electric overhead crane movements are normal.
7. In the open-air track electric overhead crane operation, at the end of the work, the electric overhead crane should be anchored. When the wind is greater than level 6, the general should stop working.
8. The driver for maintenance, disconnect the main power supply and warning signs hang or lock, if not eliminate the fault, the driver shall notify the succession.

Single girder overhead crane
single girder overhead crane

Double girder overhead crane
double girder overhead crane