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Electric overhead crane track installation guidance

Apr 24, 2019
In order to make the electric overhead crane or lifting trolley to achieve a smooth slip transition when running along the track, the crane rail installation technical specifications are required to meet the following requirements:
First: The electric overhead crane track installation must meet the requirements of relevant national standards;
Second: The track installation must consider the influence of thermal expansion and contraction of the rail. After welding, there is a need for a gap, the size should be controlled within the range of 15-18mm, and it should not be less than 12mm;
Third: Must be welded in order, first, weld the rail bottom, then the rail waist, and finally the rail head. Therefore, the welding method is to layer-by-layer surfacing, and finally around the repair process.
Fourth: After the welding is completed, heat treatment is of course necessary. In the end, grinding work should be made. The track joints and the track must be smooth and uniform.
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