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Electric single beam bridge crane manufacturer

Mar 05, 2018
Electric single beam bridge crane is an economical light duty rail crane with orbit operation. It is used with CD1 and MD1 electric hoist, easy to install, ground control, flexible structure, safe and reliable operation.
Electric single beam bridge crane compose of the main beam, electric hoist, crane operating mechanism, electrical control devices and other components. The electric single beam bridge crane operating mechanism adopts separate driving forms and is equipped with safety protection devices, such as lifting limiter, etc., and overload protection is available for selection.
Electric single beam bridge crane is not suitable for fire, explosion danger environment or the relative humidity is greater than 80% or corrosive gases in places work, it is not suitable for lifting molten metal and toxic, flammable, explosive items.
Electric single beam bridge crane is suitable for hoisting cargo on different occasions, such as machinery manufacturing factory, assembly workshop, warehouse, material yard, etc. The lifting weight is 0.5-20 tons and the span is 3-30 meters. The working grade is A3-A5, working environment is -25 ~ +40 degrees, lifting height can be 6/9/12/18/24/30 meters and customized according to your request.
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