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Electric single beam overhead crane track considerations

Apr 17, 2018
In order to ensure that the electric single beam overhead crane can operate safely and achieve the best working efficiency, all small parts must be taken into account to achieve refined management and detailed design.
Electric single beam overhead cranes need to regularly check the track bolts, splints cracks, loosening and corrosion. If cracks occur, should replace with new ones. Other defects should be promptly repaired. 
There shall be no scar on the electric single beam overhead crane track. If there are small scars or damages on the top surface of the rail, can be filled with electric welding and then polished with a grinding wheel. Both the rail top and side wear (single side) should not exceed 3mm.
If the track are connected by fish plate, the number of connecting bolts shall not be less than 4, and generally 6.
The track joints should be staggered and the distance is not less than 1.5m or 0.6m. The joints should have horns or crossties, and the joint gap should not exceed 2mm.
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