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Electric single girder overhead crane model and type

Mar 19, 2018
Electric single girder overhead cranes are used in workshops and warehouses of various manufacturing industries. The manufacturing industry has a wide range of products, therefore, requires a variety of electric single girder overhead cranes to meet different needs.
1. LD/LDA single girder overhead crane: It is suitable for lifting cargoes on different occasions, such as factories, warehouses and stockyards, the most widely used type.
single girder overhead crane
2. LX suspension overhead crane: Hangs and travel along the I-beam on the workshop beam, no need special columns for steel rails track, is suitable for workshops without pillars and legs.
suspension overhead crane
3. LDP low headroom overhead cranes: ultra-low headroom, light duty cranes, which increase the working space, can reduce the plant cost, are suitable for workshops and workshops with low clearance height.
low headroom overhead crane
4. LDY metallurgical overhead crane: It is used for metallurgy and casting plant for lifting molten metal, the working environment is -10°C~60°C.
5. LB explosion-proof overhead cranes: suitable for workshops with dangerous gases, the motors and electrical appliances is explosion-proof type.