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European overhead crane advantage

Oct 10, 2017
European overhead crane only need set up a trolley and hoisting mechanism on the bridge, the trolley can run forward and backward, and the European overhead crane can achieve the material objects handling in the three dimensional space. European overhead crane use the unique design concept, small size, light weight, compact structure, low energy consumption, small wheel pressure.
Compared with the traditional overhead bridge crane, the European overhead crane has the minimum distance between hook and the roof, the lowest clearance height, higher lifting height, the overhead crane machine can actual increase the plant effective work space. 
As the European overhead crane has a light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics, the new plant space can be designed to be smaller, more complete function. The smaller plant means that the initial construction investment, as well as long-term heating, air conditioning and other maintenance costs can save a considerable amount of money.
European overhead crane

European overhead crane