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European overhead cranes design

Nov 16, 2017
European overhead crane is actually a type of overhead crane, used to distinguish with the traditional overhead crane which follow the Soviet Union cranes, such as common gantry crane, overhead crane, jib crane and explosion-proof crane.
European overhead crane is not strictly defined, usually refers to a high-end overhead bridge crane, base on the traditional chinese overgead crane character of reliable, low cost, high versatility, combine with advanced European manufacturing technology, adopt European lightweight and modular design concepts, compact structure, lighter weight, low consumption, low noise and so on.
Compared with the traditional overhead cranes, the European overhead cranes can significantly reduce the construction cost, reduce the operation cost of overhead cranes, have a great competitive advantage in machine quality and operation performance. According to the development trend of the industry, European overhead cranes will occupy an increasingly larger market.
european overhead crane