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Factory overhead crane pulley group selection

Jan 22, 2018
Factory overhead crane work will be more and more intensively, under the circumstance of long-term high-intensity cycle work, the factory overhead crane will appear some damage to the various components, which requires us to consider how to reduce cranes work duty, the pulleys are an important part to be considered.
According to their different functions, the pulleys can be divided into fixed pulleys, movable pulleys, pulley pulleys, guide pulleys, etc. The fixed pulleys can only change the force direction and can not save energy, while the movable pulleys can save energy but can not change the force direction. In factory overhead crane hoisting operations, need both change the direction and achieve labor-saving, must set the fixed pulley and movable pulley connected to form a pulley group to meet the factory overhead crane requirements.
According to their different materials, divided into hot-rolled pulleys, cast iron pulleys, cast steel pulleys, nylon pulleys and aluminum pulleys. Pulley material selection can be based on the lifting capacity, work level and explosion-proof requirements and other factors, small lifting capacity, low grade factory overhead crane can adopt cast iron pulley, nylon pulleys and aluminum pulleys; heavy lifting capacity, high work-level factory overhead crane should choose cast steel pulley, hot-rolled pulleys; explosion-proof factory overhead crane use nylon pulley or aluminum pulley.
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