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Fault analysis of electric overhead crane brake

Sep 26, 2019
The brake is an important safety component of the electric overhead crane. It has the functions of preventing the falling of the lifted object and realizing the parking, ensuring the accuracy and safe production of the electric overhead crane.
The causes of brake failure are analyzed as follows:
1. The electric overhead crane brake band or the brake wheel is excessively worn; 

2. The brake has a small partial drop; the main spring is too loose;

3. There is grease between the brake band and the brake wheel;

4. There is a stuck position outside the living hinge or There are parts with excessive wear;

5. The lock nut loosens the loose rod; the impeller rotation of the hydraulic push rod release is not flexible;

6. The brake gasket is severe or large, or the long-stroke electromagnet is stuck, the main spring fails, or the main components of the brake are damaged;

7. The gap between the brake and the gasket is too large or too small;

8. If the hinge is stuck or the braking torque is too large, or the hydraulic push rod is out of oil and mixed with air, or the grease used by the hydraulic push rod does not meet the requirements, or there is dirt between the brake wheel and the brake pad.
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