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Fault analysis of electric overhead crane reducer

Jun 10, 2019
Fault analysis
The reducer is an important transmission component of electric overhead crane, the torque is transmitted through the gear meshing. During the transmission of the torque, may occur some mechanical failures, such as the gear is broken, the tooth surface is pitting, and the tooth surface is glued, the tooth surface wear, the causes of reducer failure are as follows:
a. Short-term overload or impact load, repeated bending cause the fatigue fracture;
b. The tooth surface is not smooth, there are convex points to cause stress concentration, or the lubricant is not clean;
c. Excessive temperature cause the lubrication failure;
d. Hard particles entry friction surface and cause wear.
a. The electric overhead crane can not be used for loading, the starting and braking should be slow and stable, and it is forbidden to suddenly reverse;
b. Replace the lubricant in time, clean the casing, and choose the appropriate type of lubricant;
c. Always check that the lubricant is clean; if the lubrication is not clean, replace it in time.
Single girder overhead crane
single girder overhead crane

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double girder overhead crane