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Flexible bridge cranes built-in sliding line track

Jul 11, 2019
Built-in sliding line track assembly of flexible combined suspension bridge crane with:
All built-in slip line tracks of flexible bridge cranes are connected to the power supply with a conductor in the center to connect the yellow and green grounding wires. The phase sequence of the wiring should be L1, L2, ground wire, L3, and spare wire.
The collector trolley repair section is a mechanism for inspecting and disassembling the collector trolley. To ensure the safety of the maintenance section, each set of track suspension devices needs to be installed at less than 300 mm at both ends of the maintenance section.
If the flexible bridge crane has a built-in bumper built into the trolley track, it must be mounted on the side of the track, and the bumper must be in contact with the track tread to ensure sufficient space from the sliding line.
The flexible bridge crane slides track's non-terminal should tighten with the cable end shield to the central sliding contact wire (grounding protection conductor) with self-tapping screws, and then lock the track with the track end cover with buffer.
The current collector should always be located between the two running trolley to prevent it from colliding with other trolley or end bumpers. When placing the collector trolley in the track, make sure that the phase lines L1, L2 and L3 are properly connected. When used with a double beam frame, the collector trolley can be installed between the front and rear wheels of the frame.
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