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Grab Bucket Overhead Crane Configuration

Nov 15, 2017
Grab bucket overhead crane is a kind of lifting crane machine which is specially used for lifting bulk materials and granular materials, such as lifting coal grab bucket overhead crane.
Common configuration: using cabin control, operating mechanism using winding cranes, with resistance to speed adjustment, working level is A6, A7, working environment temperature is -20 ℃ ~ +40 ℃. The grab bucket overhead crane is not suitable for the working environment which requires explosion-proof, insulation. 
Grab Bucket Overhead Crane Optional configuration:
1. Grab bucket can choose single rope grab, double rope grab, four rope grab, electric grab and so on.
2. Grab bucket opening and closing direction is divided into parallel, vertical with girder beam.
3. Grab buckets include the sealed shell type, grasping type and so on
4. If used for outdoor, the grab overhead crane total weight and maximum wheel pressure should increase 5%.
5. The crane traveling conductive form can be divedied into angle steel and safety slide.
6. Trolley is equipped with rain cover, the maximum height should be H + h.
grab bucket overhead crane