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How to choose the electric overhead crane

Oct 30, 2018
Electric overhead crane is used for lifting heavy objects, different types of electric overhead crane have different application scopes. Even for the same type of electric overhead crane, it is necessary to select the appropriate specifications and models. When choosing the right electric overhead crane, should consider the following points:
1. To meet the field work
According to the operating conditions on site, it is used indoor or outdoors, the space of the plant, the appropriate span, etc., the electric overhead crane must can suitable for the plant;
2. Control costs
When purchasing electric overhead crane, should fully consider how much you need to invest and how much you can get. The cost mainly includes equipment investment (including related parts purchase and installation costs), operating expenses (including maintenance, labor cost, energy consumption, etc.), and loading and unloading costs.
3. Supporting equipment
Supporting equipment means electric overhead crane that requires selection of appropriate specifications, parameters and quantities to meet the operational requirements, and to adapt to the requirements of the nature of the work, the form of transport, and the distance of handling.
single girder overhead crane