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How to improve the overhead bridge crane testing?

Dec 14, 2017
The quality of overhead bridge cranes is not only tested in the factory where it is used, but also tested in the design process and production process. So how to improve the crane test results?
1. According to the actual situation, take appropriate testing techniques
Overhead bridge crane working conditions are more complex, the working environment will have a great impact on the test results. Therefore, it is very important to adopt suitable inspection techniques to minimize the inspection error.
2. Should combine with the past test experience
Overhead bridge crane inspection should comply with "Crane Design Code" requirements, but also based on past experience, combined with the past overhead bridge crane problem to check, in order to avoid same accidents.
3. Improve overhead bridge crane inspection standards
Supervision of the inspection work is also essential, it should be based on "Special Equipment Quality Supervision and Safety Supervision Regulations" provisions, develop the overhead bridge crane inspection work, so as to enhance the test results. 
4. Using advanced inspection techniques
With the modern science and technology development, various technologies are making continuous progress. Adopt these advanced inspection technology to the overhead bridge crane inspection, can greatly ensure the crane safety and normal construction.
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