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How to prevent hook failure of lifting overhead cranes

Sep 09, 2019
The hook is the pick-up device for the lifting overhead crane. It bears all the loads for lifting objects. During the use, the hook will cause the major accident if it is damaged and broken. Now we will analyze the aspects that can cause hook failure and give the measures and recommendations for hook failure of the lifting overhead crane.
The cause of damage to the hook is that the hook is cracked, deformed, damaged and broken due to friction and overload.
In order to prevent the hook from malfunctioning, it is necessary to prohibit the overload lifting during the lifting overhead crane using. During the inspection process, should pay attention to the opening degree of the hook and the wear of the dangerous section.
It is necessary to periodically anneal the hook. Once the hook is found  crack, it should be scrapped according to GB10051-88, must not repaire the hook by welded.
The hook should be inspected according to the requirements of GB10051-88 to determine whether the hook can be used and replaced in time.
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