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Industrial bridge cranes rail beam installation

Apr 27, 2018
In order to ensure the safe operation of the industrial bridge cranes, the walking rail of industrial bridge cranes must be fixed on the walking foundation. When the industrial bridge crane is working, the rail cannot move horizontally and vertically, and the rail needs to be easily adjusted.
There are two kinds of walking foundation used for mounting rails: one is steel structure foundation, and the other is concrete prefabricated foundation. Concrete prefabricated foundation must have pre-embedded holes in order to be fitted with bolts or pre-embed bolts in prefabricated concrete beams.
The installation method of industrial bridge cranes rails can be achieved by platen fixing, hook screw fixing, welding and bolt fixing. In order to horizontal adjustment, the hole in the track plate is usually made to square, and the vertical adjustment can be achieved by adding pad under the rail. The rail press plates are designed to have sufficient rigidity, each press plate can be made into single-hole or double-hole according to the force.
single girder bridge crane

double girder bridge crane