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Industrial overhead crane electrical function

Jan 29, 2018
Industrial overhead crane electrical includes two aspects: the power system, control protection system.
Power System: After the industrial overhead crane is connected to the external power supply, it needs to use the electric box to adjust the voltage and current, then the electric power is assigned to different electrical components, such as crane traveling, trolley traveling mechanism, steering system, etc.
Control protection system: The industrial overhead crane needs to control the components, electrical system is a part of the control system. In addition, in order to ensure the industrial overhead crane safety, when electrical failure, the power can be cut off in time to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Common electrical protection devices include:
1. Ground protection
2. Interlock protection
3. Short circuit protection
4. Over-current protection
5. Emergency switch
6. Main switch
Single girder overhead crane

double girder overhead crane