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KBK overhead crane maintenance safety rules

Aug 26, 2019
1. The regulations regarding adjustment, maintenance, inspection and inspection cycles must be observed in the user manual;
2. KBK overhead crane mechanical and electrical repairs and maintenance work can only be performed by trained personnel;
3. In order to adjust the KBK overhead crane, all bolted connections should be retightened after the crane is put into use for 1~2 months;
4. When repairing, only original factory standard components can be used and replaced;
5. Do not touch the rotating parts. Keep enough distance with the KBK overhead crane to prevent clothes, limbs or hair from getting caught;
6. When using cleaning agents or near the flammable materials, should avoid flames, high temperature and sparks, otherwise it may cause fire accident, harmful gases, or damage to insulation;
7. Should replace damaged or deformed spring clamp fasteners and elastic cylindrical pins, and must not weld or drill holes in the trolley.
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