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KBK overhead crane manufacturer

May 08, 2019
1. Reasonable installation size, light weight
The KBK overhead crane consists of standard components, can quickly and reliably achieve material handling in specific areas and precise positioning of various components.
2. Good reliability and high stability
The components of system are all standard modules, which can ensure large-volume, high-quality production, so the KBK overhead crane system is very reliable. The main body of the system module is three kinds of cold-rolled profiles, which have high strength, good rigidity and light weight, which ensures the stability of the system.
3. Wide range of applications
KBK overhead crane can be flexibly designed and assembled according to the needs of each station in the factory.
4. Easy to install and debug
Installation and adjustment is very convenient. The profiles and standard modules can be used only by bolt connection. KBK overhead crane can be operated manually or automatically and semi-automatically.
kbk overhead crane