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LD single beam bridge crane design

Mar 14, 2018
LD single beam bridge crane has the lifting capacity of 1~30 ton and span of 7.5-22.5 meters, operating method adopts ground control (wired and wireless) and control room operation for users to choose.
LD single beam bridge cranes should not be used in flammable and explosive or places with large humidity, acid and alkali gases, and are not suitable for lifting molten metals, toxic substances and flammable materials. The product is manufactured with advanced international standards, whole structure is novel, the process is good, the operation is flexible and stable, and it is safe and reliable.
Jinrui Crane is a large-scale integrated enterprise specializing in the crane machine production and sales. Besides LD single beam bridge cranes, our main products include: various models of gantry cranes, double beam bridge cranes, electric hoists, electric winch and various crane accessories, also provides crane installation, inspection, maintenance and other services.
single beam bridge crane