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LD type electric single girder bridge crane price

Dec 14, 2018
The LD type electric single girder bridge crane is designed and manufactured according to the standard JB1306-2008, and is used together with the electric hoist in the form of CDI, MDI, etc., is a light and small crane with rail operation, which is suitable for lifting weight 1-30 tons, the span is 7.5~31.5 meters, and the working environment temperature is in the range of -25~+40°C, can be used in machinery manufacturing, assembly, warehouse and other places. 
LD type electric single girder bridge crane structural characteristics are as follows:
1. Metal structure part
The single girder bridge crane metal structure is formed by U-shaped steel plate, the main beam and end beam are connected by M20 bolts (45 steel).
2. The operating mechanism
This single girder bridge crane mechanism is driven separately, and the brake is completed by a cone-shaped brake motor. The transmission is three-stage gear drive.
3. Electrical equipment
The running motor has two types: single-speed conical squirrel-cage motor (for running speeds of 20, 30 and 45 m/min) and conical winding motor (for running speeds of 45, 60, 75 m/min), depending on the operation form, both has two electrical controls.
4. Safety device
Single girder bridge cranes and electric hoists are equipped with safety devices, such as lifting limit switches, overload.
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