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Lifting crane frequency changer applications

Nov 09, 2016
The Lifting crane equipment according to the characteristics can be divided into: light duty small lifting equipment, electric hoist, hoisted rail system, bridge crane overhead crane , gantry crane, semi gantry cranes, jib crane, boom crane, mobile truck crane, tower Cranes, portal cranes and other lifting machine.
In the lifting crane machinery application, the frequency changer (transducer) is mostly used for port crane machinery, such as portal crane, deck crane, etc. The port crane machinery is the highest degree automation lifting crane industry, on the large-scale quayside crane, a set of frequency changers unit compose of 5-6 frequency changers. Then the Bridge Crane machine, although the proportion of bridge crane transducer is not very high, but the overhead crane has the largest using quantity. Third is for the tower crane, mainly in large duty tower crane. In addition, the metallurgical cranes also can apply frequency changer.
The Advantage of Lifting crane equip with frequency changer
* The whole lifting crane machine performance is greatly improved, such as high efficiency, good power factor, energy-saving;
* External wiring is simple, wiring costs decrease; can be stepless speed variation, smooth and stable walking;
* The motor is simple construction, high reliability, can be used in harsh environments, greatly reducing the maintenance workload and wear parts, greatly improving the maintenance performance;
* The frequency changer has self-protection functions, will timely stop and give alarm when over-current, overload, over-voltage, etc, reduce the lifting crane failure, improve safety performance.
* And, the frequency changer has current limiting function, soft start can reduce the impact on the grid, is conducive to the normal operation of other equipment in the workshop.

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