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Lifting height of electric chain hoist and wire rope electri

Jun 12, 2019
Wire rope electric hoist and electric chain hoist are the main types of electric hoist, with many varieties and specifications, easy to operate and easy to use; the latter is smaller and lighter than the former. The biggest difference between the two is that the lifting sling, chain or wire rope. Now, we will introduce the difference between the lifting height difference of the two.
The wire rope is wound on the reel and elastically deformed. The smaller the diameter of the reel, the larger the deformation of the wire rope. For this reason, the design specification requires that the diameter of reel should not be less than 20 times the diameter of the wire rope.
The connection of electric chain hoist chain is hinged between the links, and the chain is mainly subjected to tension. In order to reduce the crushing strength between the links and between the links and the sprocket socket, the electric chain hoist sprocket is generally made of 5 or 6 sockets, and can be 4 sockets when the lifting capacity and lifting speed are small.
So, the rope reel of wire rope electric hoist is far larger than the diameter of the sprocket on the electric hoist sprocket and the hook of the same specification, that is, on the same height, the electric chain hoists have the large lifting height than the wire rope electric hoist.
Wire rope electric hoist
electric chain hoist

Electric chain hoist
electric chain hoist