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Loads on the electric bridge cranes

Feb 11, 2019
1. Rated load. The rated load is also called the weight load, and the load must be calculated by the self-weight of the spreader.
2. Self-weight load. The weight of a electric bridge crane includes the weight of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and metal structures.
3. Horizontal inertial load. When the electric bridge crane is running or braking, the rated load and the self-weight load generate a horizontal inertial force, thereby forming a horizontal inertial load.
4. Vertical inertia load. When the hoisting mechanism is started or braked, the inertial force will increase the rated load and cause vibration, so a dynamic load is superimposed on the basic load, which must be considered in the calculation of the crane design. 
5. The collision load of the buffer. When the electric bridge crane end switch fails, a bumper load is generated, and it will determine the type of buffer used.
Single girder bridge crane
single girder bridge crane

Double girder bridge crane
double girder bridge crane