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Lubrication of electric eot crane travel equipment

Mar 13, 2019
In the maintenance technology of electric eot crane components, it is necessary to remember the lubrication of good ventilation. If it is used, the ventilator cap of the reducer should be opened first to ensure good ventilation to reduce the internal pressure. Before electric eot crane working, check whether the lubricating oil surface level of the reducer meets the requirements. If it is lower than the normal oil level, should add the same type of lubricating oil in time.
The bearings of the wheels of the traveling mechanism are filled with sufficient grease (calcium-based grease) during assembly. No need to refuel every day. Every two months, the grease can be replenished through the oil hole or the bearing cap. Disassemble, clean and replace the grease once a year.
The electric eot crane open gear should be add grease once a week to each engagement.

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