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Maintenance notes for the crane inverter

Jun 05, 2019
The crane frequency converter is composed of various components, some of which will gradually reduce and age after long-term operation, which is the main reason for the failure of the inverter.
1. When maintenance, be sure to cut off the power input inverter (R.S.T).
2. Make sure that the power supply of the inverter is cut off. After the display disappears, and the internal high-voltage indicator is off, can perform the maintenance and inspection.
3. During the inspection process, should not remove or mismatch the internal power supply wire and cable. Otherwise, the inverter will not work or be damaged.
4. The screws and other accessories cannot be left inside the inverter during installation to avoid short circuit caused by the circuit board.
5. Keep the inverter clean to avoid dust, oil mist and moisture intrusion.
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