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Manufacturer Overhead Crane electricity safety requirement

Nov 01, 2016

1. The Overhead Crane electrical equipment installation should be installed totally consistent with National Standard Requirement.
2. Overhead crane power cable length should meet the technical requirements.
3. Railway type Overhead Crane power cable should be placed at a clean sapce, no piling up other equipment, materials and debris.
4. Railway type Overhead Crane automatic winding device must be flexible and reliable. The cable must not be pulled on the ground.
5. Mid or small overhead crane should srt up power switch which can shut down the mian power source surrounding
6. Overhead Crane power cable should always check, if necessary should arrange specialist maintenance.
7. Without the approval of relevant personnel, The Overhead Crane electrical equipment and connection method must not be changed.
8. The Overhead Crane electrical equipment should be regularly checked, if find defects, should be dealt with in a timely manner. 
9. Must not do electrical maintenance during lifting.
10. Must obtain the cooperation of professionals when Overhead Crane electrical equipment maintenance and commissioning.
11. The Overhead Crane lightning protection and grounding the standard product technical requirements, the grounding should be reliable.
12. Railway type Overhead Crane should be set up grounding devices at both track ends, if the track is long, should install grounding device each 20m.