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Methods to prevent electric eot crane wheel railing

Oct 26, 2018
If electric eot crane appears wheel railing, it is necessary to carefully check the condition of the rail, measure the size of the components, and comprehensively analyze to determine the reason and develop a repair plan. At the same time, correct measures should be taken to prevent the occurrence of derailment.
1. Adjust the electric eot crane track according to the technical requirements to ensure that the elevation, span and linearity meet the requirements, and check whether the bolts are tightly checked regularly.
2. If the electric eot crane is driven separately, the deflection will make the diameter of the front driving wheel smaller, or the diameter of the driving wheel in the rear becomes larger, which needs to correct the automatic walking of the bridge.
3. The bridge is deformed due to the railing needs to be repaired. It is relatively laborious to use the flame correction method to repair the wheel. It is better to adjust the wheel position to reduce the error of the wheel span and the diagonal span caused by the deformation of the bridge.
4. Adjust the transmission mechanism of electric eot crane. In the drive section of the operating mechanism, the parts wear and tear may cause error, need to be repaired or replaced if necessary.
Single girder eot crane
single girder eot crane

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double girder eot crane