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Overhead & Gantry Lifting Crane Machine Development

Nov 01, 2016

Lifting Crane Machine is the main role of material lifting, in the modern production process, Lifting Crane Machinery has become essential equipment. As the most important Overhead Crane and Gantry Crane, in recent years, its development shows the following two Main features:

The polarization development
Here the so-called polarization, refers to the Lifting Crane Machine dimension maximization and miniaturization. 
In recent years, China Lifting Crane Machine maximization leap is particularly prominent. In 2012, Our country has manufactured the world's largest tonnage, largest lifting capacity, the longest boom span crane.
The miniaturization is more reflected in foreign countries, these micro-cranes make the driving capacity and special telescopic boom technology into one, with a tower crane function, can cross the roof and other obstacles to work.
Intelligent Technology
With the society development, more and more fields need to use Lifting Crane Machine, and many spaces do not support large cranes working, so it requires the special skills and construction Lifting Crane Machine. Such as Liebherr LTM1090 / 2 (90t) and LTM1160 / 2 (160t) AT, with a "Telematik" single cylinder automatic telescopic system oval section main arm, more intelligent, technological and humanized.