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Overhead Crane equipment shortages and contradictions

Nov 16, 2016
With technology improvement, the overhead crane equipment which was seen in large projects in the past began to be seen everywhere. However, with the overhead crane equipment increasing popularity, there are still many deficiencies and problems.
The most serious is the serious accidents caused by overhead crane equipment failure, mainly there is still a lot of lack of consideration in the overhead crane equipment production and using. 
The manufacturers have an unshirkable responsibility. Overhead crane anufacturers have the responsibility and obligation to the user training of opertation, repaire and maintenance. The manufacturer is more understanding on overhead crane structure and performance, should send techncial person to train user, so that users can more targeted to carry out maintenance and repair, reduce overhewad crane equipment failure.
Then, is the users side company, no unified safety management system for employees to regularize behavior. If the drivers has no safety awareness, no responsibility sense of operation and maintenance work, that will may result in serious equipment failure. The company should instill safety awareness to the driver and relevant staff, regular train and examine the drivers, avoid in a comfortable working environment for long-term,the drivers lack of proper management and knowledge guidance.