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Overhead Cranes Traveling Mechanisms Inspection Requirement

Oct 18, 2016
Bridge crane Manufacturer
1. When the track joints are not welded in one case, should meet the following requirements:
a. The height difference between joints should not be greater than 1mm.
b. The joints gap should not be greater than 2mm gap.
c. The joint lateral dislocation should not be greater than 1mm.
d. For box girder, the track joint shall be placed on the rib plate, and the error shall not exceed 15mm.
e. The track longitudinal gradient should not exceed 0.5%.
f. The rail must be fastened by bolts and pressure plate, the gasket should not move, and the pressure plate should be fixed firmly.
g. The track should not have cracks or serious wear which can affect the safe operation.
h. During overhead crane traveling, when there is a gripping rail or track gauge S≤10m, the △ s = ± 3mm; when S> 10m, △ s = ± [3 + 0.25 (S-10)] mm, Should be not more than ± 15mm.
Overhead crane manufacturer
2. When the overhead cranes come out gripping rail, should check the span limit deviation, the inspection requirements:
a. If the overhead emd beam is detachable, and with directly loaded wheel, the overhead crane span limit deviation should be:
When S≤10m,△s=±2mm
When S>10m,△s=±[2+0.1(S-10)]mm
b. If the overhead cranes apply welded end beam and angular bearing box wheel, the overhead crane span limit deviation △ s = ± 5mm, each pair wheels span measured relative relative difference should not be greater than 5mm.
The driving wheel should rotate synchronized in the same direction.