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Overhead bridge crane motor damage

Nov 13, 2018
The overhead bridge crane motor and metallurgical variable frequency speed regulating motor are squirrel cage rotor motors. The motor combines the advantages of traditional hoisting metallurgical motors with the advantages of variable frequency motors, so that the motor can not only meet the needs of frequency starting, braking, overloading, reversing, overspeed, shock and vibration, but also meet the requirements of inverter control, can achieve soft start, four-quadrant operation, etc., thereby reducing the impact on equipment and saving energy.
These are the main reasons for the motor damage:
1. In the efficient work, the overhead bridge crane operator often starts to activate the contactor contacts, which will easily cause the contact spring and the plastic at the contact to be burnt and deformed, resulting in insufficient contact position, resulting in phase loss.
2. Too small fuses are prone to damage.
3. The power supply is not stable enough.
4. The connection of the wire is not secure, often disconnected.
5. Overload.
6. The overhead bridge crane motor bearing is damaged.
7. Sometimes bad contact, resulting in power failure, resulting in brakes.
Single girder overhead crane
single girder overhead crane

Double girder overhead crane
double girder overhead crane